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Basyn Analog Bass Synth

Basyn Analog Bass Synth

Product Information
A 2 oscillator analog bass synthesizer in a compact 5 lb package. Full envelop and filter controls provide fat bass sounds. Also includes noise generator. Includes documentation and 9v power supply.


  • Two oscillators with digital frequency control for drift-free performance. Oscillator 1 is tuned to 16' (low C = 32.7 Hz), and oscillator 2 is tuned to 8'. A mix pot lets you blend the two oscillator outputs in any ratio you desire.
  • A pseudo-random noise generator with a cycle time of more than four minutes. Make explosions, wind, timpani, etc.!
  • Analog waveshaping giving a preset mix of ramp and pulse waveforms, or red (1/f) and white noise.
  • A REAL analog Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release (ADSR) envelope generator with true exponential decay and release curves for a natural sound.
  • A REAL, honest-to-God, analog Voltage-Controlled-Filter (VCF)-- NOT a digital substitute! The VCF is a state-variable design with resonance ("Q") control. The filter tracks the pedals and has variable cutoff frequency along with variable sweep control from the ADSR.
  • A Voltage-Controlled-Amplifier (VCA) that can be controlled from the envelope generator or gated by the pedals.
  • Eight pots and two switches for creating your own sound. The pots control attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time, oscillator mix, VCF initial frequency, VCF sweep, and VCF resonance. One switch selects either the oscillator outputs or the noise source, and the other switch selects either the ADSR or gate output to control the VCA.
  • Compact heavy duty case design that fits in a gig bag or micro keyboard case.

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Price: $399.95

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Product Code: BAS-01
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